Antiseptic Color-coated Sheet

Antiseptic Color-coated Sheet

Product name: Environmental Friendly Home Appliance Color-coated Sheet

Definition: Antisepsis is a long period germicidal action to control the activity and propagation of microorganisms to create a clean environment and then gradually kill all these microorganisms. As for bacteria growing in the living environment, the antiseptic effects may continue for more than several years and maintain long period (microbiology) hygiene for living environment.

Application: Used for hospital wall face, ceiling, food storing and processing area, ventilating system, etc.

Mechanisms: Stripped metal ion antiseptic mechanism. Antiseptic agent slowly releases metal ions in application. Stripped metal ion can destroy the cell membrane of bacteria or activity of cellular protoplasm active enzyme, so it has antiseptic effects. Antiseptic color-coated sheet normally adopts the inorganic antiseptic agent. To meet the requirements for long acting and board spectrum antisepsis, low toxicity and high efficiency and quick speed, the antiseptic agent combining stripped metal ions and active oxygen are used.

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