Antistatic Prepainted Steel

Antistatic PPGI

Product name: Environmental Friendly Home Appliance Color-coated Sheet

Width: 600-1500 mm

Thickness: Customized

Brand: AIYIA

Working principle

The working principle of the antistatic prepainted steel sheet is to add some conducting materials in the insulating polyester coating, which gets the former insulated coating, become a semiconductor. Being assorted with the earthing system of the construction, the accumulated static electricity on the surface of the prepainted steel sheet that is sourced from air convection or fabric friction is conducted into the earthing system and then disappears.


Mainly used in antistatic, high cleanness and bacteria-free environments, covering: electronic semi-conductor industry, foodstuff processing industry, pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, etc.


1.Its machining property and durability match that of the prepainted steel sheet with common polyester as its base metal.
2.Its resistance to chemicals and solvents is slightly higher than that of the common polyester prepainted steel sheet.
3.Its surface resistance( /cm2) is 106-109 (common polyester prepainted steel sheet: about 10 ).