Cold Rolled Steel for Enamelling

Product name: Cold Rolled Steel for Enamelling

Thickness: 0.18-3.5 mm

Width: 720-1800 mm

Grade: DC04EK,DC046EK,BTC1

Brand: AIYIA

Orgin: China


ID 508mm/610mm
Coil Weight 3-20metric ton per coil
Package Export standard, seaworthy
Monthly production 5000 tons
Delivery time Stock:7days
Futures:15-35 days
MOQ 20 tons
Export marketEurope
Southeast Asia
Middle East
South America
North America, etc

Product introduction

Enamel steel is enamel coated on the surface of the steel plate to prevent the steel plate from rusting, so that the steel plate will not form an oxide layer on the surface when heated, and can resist the corrosion of various liquids. Enamel products are not only safe and non-toxic, easy to wash and clean, can be widely used as eating utensils and washing utensils used in daily life, and under certain conditions, enamel coating on metal blanks shows high hardness, high temperature resistance, Excellent properties such as wear resistance and insulation make enamel products more widely used. The enamel layer can also give the product a beautiful appearance and decorate people’s lives.

Layer Schematic

Production Process

Main Features of Cold Rolled Steel

  • Corrosion resistance: extremely strong chemical resistance, including resistance to strong acids (except hydrofluoric acid), weak bases, detergents and organic solvents; excellent resistance to atmospheric, acid rain, maritime climate, radiation and sudden changes in temperature , Keep the color and gloss unchanged. After 500 hours of salt spray test, there will be no rust, and the building panel will not corrode after 30 years of outdoor exposure.
  • Wear resistance: The surface is hard and dense, with good wear resistance and impact resistance.
  • Fire resistance: good fire resistance, flame and other heat sources will not damage the enamel surface, nor will it release toxic and harmful gases.
  • Clean and hygienic: The enamel surface is not easy to breed bacteria and dust, easy to clean, and does not dissolve toxic and harmful elements. It is often used in food grade materials.